Production Space Rentals

Create an event with the amazing setting of our production space. This area offers approximately 3,000 sq. ft. of event space with the backdrop of our fascinating brewery equipment and can accommodate up to 100 people at one time. The Production Space rental is $800. The facility rental fee will be paid upon reserving the space. This rental includes a private bar and tender and use of the space for the time agreed on by Renter and Green Bench Brewing Co. The Production space bar has six taps to choose from as well as all bottled and canned beverages that are offered in the tasting room.. We can provide any arraignment of furnishings from high-top tables to a sit down dining format for a separate fee. Guests are welcome to make their own furnishing arrangements as well in coordination with Green Bench Brewing Co. The date and time of the event must be approved by our production team prior to the event booking. Please allow two business days for approval.

  • All prices include sales tax. Gratuity is not included and is suggested at 20% of the bar tab. For parties of 20 people or more, the card on file will be closed with an automatic gratuity of 18%. Drinks – We offer approximately 15 beers on tap at any one time, Meads from B-Nectar (similar to sweet ciders and gluten free), a house white and red wine as well as bottled water, Coke products, craft sodas, and apple juice. You may bring a selection of wine for a $15 corking fee per bottle. Catering – Guests are welcome to cater their own event. Food trucks can be booked at with the approval of Green Bench Brewing. We have food trucks or a local restaurant catering on site every Friday and Saturday from 5 pm to 10 pm. We ask that you purchase all drinks from Green Bench Brewing Co. Music – We can book live music from a variety of local bands if desired for a separate fee to be negotiated with the band upon booking. We have a full PA system available that is capable of supporting any size band as well as an in house sound technician. We also have the capability to play music from a media device throughout the facility. Outdoor Movie Theater or Presentation Space – Make a memorable impression during your next business presentation with our full-scale, movie theater quality projector in our Beer Garden.(This option is only available with the Monday Facility Rental) Any event may take advantage of the several formats we offer with regards payment options. Credit cards will be put on file prior to the start of private events. Guests are welcome to pay as you drink with cash, by credit card or they may run a tab for the duration of the event. Open Bar Rates – An open bar can be arraigned during private events for a rate of $15.00 per hour per person in one-hour increments only with a minimum of a two hour duration and 25 people. A wrist band will be provided by Green bench Brewing Co. for each person in the open bar group as the guests arrive. Drink Tickets – Drink tickets may be distributed by the event planners and used to budget a tab or limit the amount of drinks bought on a single tab for each person. We will provide you with tickets upon arrival or you may provide your own. Guests will still have the option to purchase drinks on their own after the use of the tickets. Events over 50 people will receive a 20% discount on all tabs in the group. We will provide wrist bands for all attendants of the event upon the guest’s arrival.